Wonderful to be alive  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shall I dance on the cliff
By the sea, under the clouds?
Shall I sing full-throated
To the sky, with the breeze?

Don't know why
But it feels beautiful to be alive

Like an early morning
The rays of the sun that melt the dew
The grass that is wet with the melting dew
The jasmine tree that smells like love
And the gulmohar that looks like hope

Like the noon after the rain
The smell of freshly washed earth
The air that is cleared of ill
The puddle that reflects every smile that peers into it
And the trees that were shaken out of their summer slumber

Don't know why
But it feels beautiful to be alive

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am thinking
Of a lot of people who are a far away…one of them being among the stars up above in the sky.

I said
Oh Gawwwwwddddd

I want
so many things…

I wish
for the impossible.

I miss
my childhood.

I hear
music from people’s hearts.

I wonder
at the unconditional love between parent and child…the signature of God’s existence.

I regret
trying to regret things.

I am
nothing short of an angel.

I dance
Like bullshit.

I sing
with nature.

I cry
and then I console myself.

I am
never old.

I write
from feeling and like to make people feel.

I confuse
Hard rock music with noise.

I need
Entertainment all the time.

I should
stop saying “I should”.

I finish
with a little fragrance…

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Harm To Frogs  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

*I just want to tel you an interesting thing that Frogs are Dangerously affected by Global Warming
*Because there is a decline of about 30% in recent years
*About 41% of amphibians have a dangerous steep decline in recent years
*Most of this decline occur in Australia and central America

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Google Chrome  

Friday, November 21, 2008

Google Chrome is a new Web browser which is really amazing in its capabilities... its fast when compared to mozilla and Internet Explorer. its main advantage is it will ask to save passwords automatically whenever we logged into a new page.. its really superb try this software.. and have fun ;-> 

To Download Google chrome click here ---> http://www.google.com/chrome

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Friday, November 14, 2008

This a News website which collects headlines from more than 4500 news sources across the world
and it collects all types of news Some of them are:
  • Traditional News
  • Sports News
  • National News
  • International News
  • Share market News and many more...

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World Travellers  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

*Are you a person loving to travel in a group

*Tats nice you may have lots of holiday packages so that you can save money while travelling in a group

*While travelling in a group We can save about 10% of money in travel insurance

*Try to keep many people in a single room so that the cost becomes less as heads increases

*Even the food costs and the taxi costs can be shared

*And last but not least some air lines are giving offers for people those who are travelling in a group more than 10 people

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*Now new laser technique is used to seal and heal wounds

*But using the carbon-di-oxide laser in human body is slightly dangerous for us.

*So a new techniqual tool named Laser  Welding is used

*It generates heats to the tissues in the body in a controlled manner

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*Every day we are intaking about 123 types of chemicals in our body
*The intake may be through mouth , nose etc...
*This May produce harm to us
*Especially the cosmetics which we are using are having more and more chemicals
*Paticularly they may harm Child Easily
*So avoid using more and more cosmetics ........

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Nokia N800  

*Its Nokia N800
*It has the Internet on the go facility
*It supports Windows mobiles
*It is developed to know about the add on tablets from Nokia

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Decline in Pollination  

*Recent study says that there is decline in pollination 
*But in the same study it is mentioned that the crop yields ae not reducing
*Reseachers told that Only some pollinator crops are suffering from this
*Every year it is growing at 1.5%

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No males  

*In some species of animals there are no males
*They just lay eggs as such
*No Fertilization is needed
*The new born Baby wil also be a Female
*This reproduction type is called as parthenogenesis
*E.g Whiptail Lizard

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is the Structure of a volcano.The volcano is caused due to magma inside it.This magma gives rise to acid lava.since it is deep inside the gas can't escape easily so the pressure gets increases which results in violent explosion which is called as volcanos..

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Super computer  

*Super computers are Computers Genius
*They can Transfer data to another super computer in 10's of nanoseconds
*It is Speeder than light
*It Supports all operating systems
-->Mac OS

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Maruti A-Star  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

  • The Rate of this car is 396500
  • Fuel Consumption in Highway is 19 Litres
  • Fuel Consumption in City is 14 Litres
  • It is 998cc

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Technique for study  

Monday, November 3, 2008

Concentration is an invaluable and indispensable technique of successful study. To study something you must concentrate upon it, give your voluntary attention to it. Without sustained attention, you gain very little from your study-work. As Martin Rhodes has it, “Ability to concentrate is a vital study skill. Without concentration you will never succeed in learning effectively; with it, almost nothing is beyond your grasp and understanding.”

According to William James, “Each of us literally chooses by his way of attending to things, what sort of a universe, he shall appear to himself to inhabit.” The immediate effects of attention are, he says, to make us:

(a) Perceive
(b) Conceive
(c) Distinguish
(d) Remember better than we otherwise would—both successive things and each thing more clearly.
(e) It also shortens “reaction time”. (The interval elapsing between the presentation of a stimulus and the action that follows it is the individual’s reaction time.)

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