further provision  

Sunday, December 7, 2008

There is also the further provision in Article 28(3) that no person attending any educational institution recognised by the State or receiving aid out of State funds shall be required to take part in any religious instruction that may be imparted in such institution, or to attend any religious worship that may be conducted in such institution or in any premises attached thereto, unless such person or, if such person is a minor, his guardian, has given his consent thereto. Thus, complete religious freedom, with the absence of any compulsion whatsoever in religious matters, is legally guaranteed by the supreme law of the land. India is, therefore, rightly described as a secular country in which the State has no religion, nor does it seek to promote or discourage any religion or religious belief. It is obvious that the Government and people of India are secular, that is, there is no official religion. That is the legal position. The State stands committed to a policy of non-interference in religious matters. Religion is a matter of personal beliefs and con victions.

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