Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In January, 1948, Jawaharlal Nehru spoke of secularism thus : “We shall proceed on secular and national lines in keeping with the powerful trends towards internationalism ... India will be a land, as in the past, of many faiths equally honoured and respected, but of one national outlook, not, I hope, a narrow nationalism living in its own shell but rather the tolerant, creative nationalism which, believing in itself and the genius of the people, takes full part in the establishment of an international order.”

The goal of One World is still far, far away, but since independence the Government of this country has undeniably kept itself aloof from religious controversies, not taking any side and taking all possible measures to ensure to every citizen full religious freedom in accordance with enlightened opinion all the world over, except in the Islamic countries where the tenets of Islam are enforced by law and the whole polity is declared as Islamic, not secular in any sense. In fact, Islam, like most other religions, regards secularism as a dangerous challenge.

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